An initial nutrition consultation allows you to meet with our registered dietitian & sports nutritionist to discuss any issues you may be having with your diet, or any goals that you are looking to achieve in which your nutrition strategy could be the difference.

Nutrition has a huge impact on health & sporting performance, with requirements varying between each of us for a range of factors. Our dietitian & sport nutritionist can help you to tailor your diet with practical advice on aspects such as quantity, timing and the type of foods you should be taking on board.


Following a 30-minute initial consultation where you will be provided with some first-line recommendations & support, you may feel that yfurther input such as meal plans tailored to your nutritional requirements, food diary analysis or diet plans to help you achieve weight-loss may be beneficial. In which case, there is a range of add-ons for you to choose from that can help you to acheive your goals.

The purpose of the initial assessment is to offer access to our nutrition specialist at a highly competitive price, allowing you to understand what support may benefit you before paying for services that may not be relevant to your goals.


Additional add-ons include:

Follow-up review (30-mins): £50
Tailored meal plans (3-day plan to macro requirements): £70
Food diary analysis: £50
Body composition analysis (7-site skin-fold): £35

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