Robbie Green – Nutritionist

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      Name: Robbie Green

      Age: 29

      Hometown: Middlesbrough

      Experience: 8 years

      Favourite meal: Chicken fajitas

      Football team: Newcastle United

      A sports fanatic since his early years, initially the agenda was football, tennis and more football. Robbie is now a keen distance runner, and compliments this with regular strength & conditioning training, as well as hot yoga.

      Robbie will be joining us as a specialised sports nutritionist, alongside his full-time job as a registered dietitian in the NHS. Having initially started out as a chef from school, his love of food and cooking alongside a passion to learn more about how nutrition can benefit both health & sporting performance led him to his current career in nutrition where he gained a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees in the fields of nutrition, dietetics & sports nutrition.

      As a sports nutritionist Robbie sees a range of clients from various sporting backgrounds and levels. Clients range from amateur footballers & boxers, to team GB triathletes competing at the European Championships. Robbie is looking forward to implementing altitude training to his own schedule and working alongside clients at the Altitude Centre to help them better their own performance.

      Robbie will work with clients on an individual basis. Athletes of all abilities may seek nutritional guidance for a variety of reasons, all of which Robbie can help with!

      Improving Sports Performance

- Optimise fuelling and nutrient timing during performance

      – Preventing fatigue and optimising recovery
      – Body composition: fat loss & lean muscle gain
- Meal planning, preparation and menu guidance

      Overall Health & Wellbeing

      – Managing gut symptoms & other diet-related medical conditions

      – Meal plans for weight loss
      – Body composition analysis to track progress
      – General health checks
      – Education and support required for to transform your diet

      How can Robbie help you

      Whatever your goals are, Robbie can help provide the education and support required for to transform your diet, nutrition & health habits, until you become self-sufficient in implementing healthy and sustainable provisions on a long-term basis.

      A range of services are available that can meet your needs and the level of input you are looking for. Whether it is brief guidance and advice in the form of a 7-day meal plan, or a full nutritional assessment with ongoing follow-up to monitor your progress and make appropriate adjustments when appropriate.

      Sports package – £225

      – Initial 1hr consultation (In-house or via telephone/skype)
- 2 x 30-minute follow-ups
      – Nutrition reports & analysis following each consultation
      – Example meal plan tailored to individual goals and requirements

      Weight loss & Wellbeing Consultation – £129

      – One hour consultation
      – Health checks
      – Body composition analysis & report
      – Initial nutritional analysis (via food diary) from a qualified dietician
      – Evidence based approach to recommend training guidelines

      Initial consultation – £129

      – Initial 1hr consultation (In-house or via telephone/skype)
      – Nutrition report & analysis
      – Example 2-day meal plan tailored to individual goals and requirements

      Follow-up consultation – £60

      – 30-minute consultation – Review & tweaking of strategies to optimise your plan
      – Post-consultation report

      5-day meal plan – £129

      – Tailored around health & lifestyle questionnaire + 7-day food diary
- 1-week meal plan tailored to individual requirements, preferences, lifestyle & goals.

      Skin Fold Body Composition Analysis – £49

      – ISAK qualified
      – 7-site skinfold measurement of body fat
      – Report with interpretation of results
      – **Available as an add on to all other consultations for £25