This month, we welcome two new members of staff to The Altitude Centre.

Sam Rees and Emily de Beaux join us from Bath University on a years’ placement from their BSc Sport & Exercise Science.

Emily and Sam bring with them expertise in hypoxia (of course), athletics and football.

Emily de Beaux
Emily’s sporting background is based on Track and Field, competing to at National standard over 100m, 200m, and 400m. Emily is now focused on the 200m, after injuring her Achilles in the 400m Hurdles. Emily started running when she was 10 years old, after winning her race in her Primary School sports day.

Emily is keen to experience the performance benefits of hypoxic training on her own athletic performance, and also looking forward to helping Altitude Centre clients increase their performance gains.

Greatest/Proudest Sporting Achievement: Winning the bronze medal at the British University Championships in the 4x400m 2014 after having to withdraw from the competition the previous year due to injury.

Challenging adventures at altitude: Skiing around the glacier on Val Thorens at around 3,200m. I found it hard to stay awake!

Favourite meal upon returning from altitude: Roast chicken with sausage meat, roast potatoes and roasted veg.

New Staff Welcome: Sam Rees

Sam’s sporting background focuses mainly on team sports, and in particular football, but he also competed at a regional level in athletics. He decided to focus solely on football when offered the chance to join the academy at a professional club and has played football ever since.

Sam is looking forward to seeing the benefits of hypoxic training on his own sporting performance, as well as aiming to learn more about the work The Altitude Centre does with professional football players. Sam is also attempting to summit Kilimanjaro this July with Georgia.

Greatest/Proudest Sporting Achievement: Reaching the final of an international tournament with Bristol Rovers FC and achieving County Champion status in 100m and 200m against athletes who trained solely for sprint events.

Challenging adventures at altitude: I’ll have to let you know when I get back from Kili!

Favourite meal upon returning from altitude: Chilli con carne with rice or jacket potato.

Sam and Emily will join Tara and Lex; we say goodbye to Georgia at the end of July after her trip to Kili.

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