Timetable Changes for July 2017 onwards

Thank you for completing the recent survey we sent out. We have made a few changes to our class timetable which reflects the feedback we received from you, our loyal members!

The new timetable will take effect from the week commencing Monday 17th July.

Longer Interval Classes

You asked for longer interval classes, we’re delivering them. We are extending the 7.30am HypoxicHIIT classes on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s to 45-minutes (gulp!!). Yes, 45-minutes of intervals in the ‘pain chamber’. That will certainly get you ready for the day!

The 45-minute interval classes will utilise longer intervals, and allow for increased recovery time. Allowing you to work at your threshold for longer, recover better, and push harder in the next set!

Class time: 7.30 – 8.15am

Specific Running and Cycling Classes

You asked for specific running and cycling classes, and guess what? We’re delivering them! You will have a choice of Monday or Wednesday evening for your cycling/running specific classes, timetabled below:


17.30 – 18.15 – Running
18.30 – 19.15 – Cycling


17.30 – 18.15 – Cycling
18.30 – 19.15 – Running

Classes will be based around FTP for cyclists, and race pace for runners – so be sure to have an idea of these beforehand. The longer intervals are designed to give you the edge during your longer rides/runs back at sea level!

Solo sessions will still be available throughout the class times.

Summit Circuits

Many asked for a specific strength training class, and here it is. Summit Circuits involve a mixture of bodyweight, resistance, and cardio exercises designed to give you a high-intensity, full body workout.

That’s not new I hear you say? You’d be right. But we’re making them longer, and more intense.

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week, your Summit Circuit class will be 45 minutes long (7.30 – 8.15am).

There are three circuit training protocols that the classes will be based around, enabling you to choose the right class for you. Take a look below:

1. Cardio-Strength – Monday and Thursday

For every strength set, you will perform a high-intensity cardio set in between. Getting your heart rate up during the cardio makes every squat, push up and lunge that little bit harder, pushing you to the limit every time. There is no hiding from this one.

2. Bodyweight – Tuesday and Wednesday

Nothing but bodyweight exercises to get your blood pumping. Every exercise will involve you pushing and pulling (and holding) your body through a range of exercises that get the heart racing and the muscles burning. Never underestimate the power of a jump squat, especially at altitude!

3. Kettlebell classes – Friday

Push, pull, swing and hold your kettlebells across a range of exercises that give you a full body strength workout in just 45 minutes! The perfect way to finish your altitude training for the week.

To try out one of our newly structured Summit Circuit classes for free, just get in touch at [email protected] to find out more.

If you’d like any more information about the changes to our timetable, just ask a member of the team during your next visit!