The snow season is upon us: November is the official opening month of most high-altitude resorts in Europe, and most winter sports enthusiasts can’t wait to dust off their snow gear and head to the slopes.

Summer training is mainly focused around endurance; the long, sunny days make it perfect weather for epic cycles and adventurous runs outside.

Whilst endurance is important for a full day on the mountains, strength, flexibility, coordination and agility in the lower body are also must-haves for a good snow season.

By strengthening your legs and knees before the ski season begins, you will build strength endurance and therefore reduce the risk of injury.

Below, our Performance Specialist Emily de Beaux – who has been skiing for 15 years – gives her top three exercises for getting in shape for the winter season:

1. Step-ups: Step-ups not only strengthen your quads and glutes, but also improve range of motion. Really drive your knee forward and up, and use your arms to help stabilise yourself as you move. Don’t neglect training your arms in prep for the slopes. Skiers especially need strong arms.

2. Calf Raises: These strengthen and stretch the gastrocnemius (the ‘V’ shaped calf muscle on the back of your lower leg), as well as increasing the range of motion through the ankle joint. Make sure your abs and glutes are engaged whilst you do this movement.

3. Squats: The old faithful that never lets you down. Squats work the quadriceps group (the muscles on the front of your leg) the glutes, core muscles and improve range of motion in your hips and knees. Keep your abs engaged; squeeze your lats (shoulder blades) down and make sure your knees don’t go over your toes.

If you’d like more advice on getting snow-ready, we can help you create a comprehensive programme including cardio and strength work. Email us ([email protected]), call on 020 7193 1626 or speak to one of our Performance Specialists when you come in for your next session.

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