It’s Chriiiiistmaaaaas!

It’s that time of year again and it’s all too easy to forget about your training. We’re not saying that you should train super hard over the Christmas holidays, but it’s always good to keep some good habits in place.

It’s important to enjoy some well earned rest and time with your family and friends over the festive period… but if you do find yourself itching to get a quick workout in, we’ve got you covered.

Performance Specialist Chris Jackson has put together an idea of what you can do to keep yourself ticking over during the holidays:

Saturday 22nd: 30-minute Run
– Jog: 0 – 10 mins
– Run: 10 – 15 mins
– Jog: 15 – 25 mins
– Run: 25 – 30 mins

Sunday 23rd: Rest Day

Monday 24th: Circuit Training
– Mountain Climbers
– Jumping Jacks
– Press Ups
– Superman Extensions
– Front Lunges
– Leg raises
– Complete all exercises for 30s each. Complete five times through, with no rest between exercises, and two minutes rest between sets.

Tuesday 25th December: Christmas Day Walk
– Gentle walk to ease off the Christmas Turkey (or prepare for it!)
– Get the family involved and wrap up warm!

Wednesday 26th December: Circuit Training
– Squat Jumps (x20)
– Russian Twists (x20)
– Press Ups Using a bench/chair (x20)
– Wall sit (60s)
– Crunches (x20)
– Complete the circuit four times through with no rest between exercises, and two minutes rest between sets.

Thursday 27th December: Rest Day

Friday 28th December: 40-minute Run
– Alternate between a gentle jog, and a hard run for five minutes of each at a time.

Saturday 29th December: Circuit Training
– Lunge and Twist
– Pulse Squat
– Wall Sit
– Commando’s
– Tricep Dips
– Superman’s
– Dead Bugs
– Plank
– Spiderman’s
– Complete as many reps of each exercise within 40 s with no rest between, three time through, and 2 mins rest between each set.

Sunday 30th December: Rest Day

Monday 31st December: Circuit Training
– 100 Burpees
– 100 Press Ups
– 150 Squats
– 150 Sit Ups

Tuesday 1st January: A very slow walk…

The above is just a guideline, and you can adapt it however you like to. The good news is that everything can be done in under 40-minutes, so hopefully you will have time to squeeze it in to your busy Christmas schedule, and it will help you to come back raring to go post Christmas!