At the Altitude Centre, we are always keen on using the latest developments in technology. When a technology involves monitoring of muscle oxygenation levels, known as Moxy, we immediately saw the potential of this device as to how and why it may benefit altitude training.

Anecdotaly, we have been incorporating Moxy with a few of our clients in recent weeks. From this, we have been able to determine their muscle oxygenation responses to a ramp test in an altitude environment – and then suggest an individually tailored training plan to enhance muscle oxygenation and subsequent performance. Scientifically, researchers have recently pubished a study which utilised Moxy during a cycling ramp test. The investigators found the Moxy device to be a very reliable and valid tool, which leads to the conclusion that it is a reputable way to measure muscle oxygenation levels.

Our plans are to incorporate this device into our services and provide clientele with a greater and deeper understanding of their individual responses to altitude training at a variety of intensities. Determining how and why the limit to performance occurs are important questions. With Moxy, we are able to identify whether the limit regards use of oxygen, i.e., you are able to deliver oxygen to the muscle but not use it for energy; or whether the limit relates to delivery, i.e., you are able to use oxygen for energy but unable to deliver it to the muscle. The subsequent individualised training plan will be derived from these results and then target which aspect needs improving.

Keep your eyes peeled for when we intend to release this training tool within our Trump Street Centre. We hope you agree that it will be an extremely beneficial addition to improve performance!

Study details
Crum et al. (2017). Validity and reliability of the Moxy oxygen monitor during incremental cycling exercise. European Journal of Sport Science.