2015 started off with a punch, as we welcomed London 2012 Olympic Gold Medallist Anthony Joshua in to the Trump Street chamber.

Anthony, who won gold in the Super Heavyweight category two years ago, came to train with us as part of his rehab from an injury after hearing about us on Twitter.

With his 1.98cm frame dwarfing the Wattbike, Anthony has been working hard completing high intensity interval training sessions with Emily, and using the POD to maintain his cardiovascular fitness and encourage his rehabilitation process.

“The results are real,” Anthony says. “It’s made a huge, noticeable difference to my fitness levels. I can now do a tough session sparring and I recover quicker and go harder. I came here initially for rehabilitation, but having seen the results in one month, I’m committed to altitude training in the long-term.

“I know there is a lot of hype around the “altitude” masks, but coming to The Altitude Centre has helped me understand the difference between these masks and real altitude training. I won’t be using one of those masks.

“Travelling to altitude for a few weeks isn’t ideal for me, as travelling, jet lag, and changes in things like sleep quality, food and environment can impact my training. I’m able to get the tube across London to The Altitude Centre, and can fit it in as a long-term addition to my training plan.”

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Anthony Joshua on the POD
Anthony Joshua on the POD