Every client that attends a gym is looking to gain that extra edge in their training and propel themselves towards their goal. Over the years, many training fads have come along, interested some for a little while and disappeared. For those who supply these short-term offerings, it can be very time-consuming.

What if there was a training method that provides proven results, and is something that clients will consistently include in their current training programme?

We, at The Altitude Centre, have been providing altitude training (the elevation above sea level) to athletes, mountaineers and those who are physically active to achieve medals, summits and goals, respectively, for many years. We understand that the progression of your clients is a significant factor for good business, and this is certainly an area we can enhance via the implementation of altitude training.

Through a variety of training methods, both passive and active, it is possible to include altitude training within your current gym setup. We will be able to offer you the most tailored options that will help your current clientele and keep your business thriving through the attraction of new clients additionally. Within our chamber, we have seen clients smash their personal bests and set goals that they never would have believed as being possible previously. The positive effects of altitude training on performance are ever-growing, and research is consistently in support of this too.

Through regular training, it will only be a matter of 6 weeks before your clients have improved their fitness and achieved their goals. Now is the time to instigate that improvement, and watch your business grow.