We know you love a competition, and with it being marathon month – we wanted to keep it short and sweet so it won’t affect your training.

This months winners of the male and female competition will be the lucky winners of a free Cryotherapy session with our friends over at London Cryo.

The perfect way to recover post marathon if you are running one, or from a tough session in the ‘pain chamber’.


How do I enter?

The competition is free to enter, just let the team know that you want to give it a go and we’ll book a slot that works for you. You can email us on [email protected], call us on 020 7193 1626, or drop by when you come in for a session!

You can take place before, or after a scheduled session, or you can come in and do it as a one off session!

What’s involved?

It’s a bit of a short but sweet Meta Blast in the chamber.

1. Row 250m
2. 25 x Kettlebell swings
3. 25 x Squat and Press
4. 25 x Upright Rows
5. Row 250m

Of course, this all takes place at 2,700m above sea level so that you can get your customary fix of altitude training in while you are at it.

The Kettlebell weight will be determined by your bodyweight, so it’s not a case of one size fits all – but power:weight ratio will come to the fore here!

When is it taking place?

The competition is running through April, so the winners will be the clients that top the table come the end of April!

What are you waiting for!


Want to give Cryo a go without the competition?

London Cryo are offering our clients a 30% discount on single session Cryo.

Just enter the code Altitude30 when booking your session online here to benefit from the discount!