This month has been hugely successful for The Altitude Centre clients. Many have competed in some of the most iconic sporting events around the world. We are extremely pleased with the progress everyone has made proving that hard work and dedication pays off, especially at 2,700m!

Starting with L’Etape du Tour in France, our clients battled through wind, rain and hail (and one broken arm!) to cross the finish line. Training for L’Etape began many months before the event with competitors doing as much as they could to gain that extra edge in performance.

Triathlete and now Ironman, David Lindley took on the Bolton Ironman competition this month. Lindley came to us earlier this year to prepare for Bolton, which was his first ever attempt at the Ironman distance. David was thrilled with his performance,

“Thank you all for you help and interest over the last 3 months. Absolutely loved it.”

The endless hours of training he put in leading up to Bolton has not gone to waste and after a few days off for R&R he is already back training at 2,700m.

Both Henry Howell and Simon Brooks came back with a vengeance after L’Etape and entered the London Ride 100(86). Iron-woman Sarah Yates also competed. Despite treacherous weather conditions they, once again, successfully made it across the finish line. Ed Alford who uses our altitude equipment at home also took part in the Ride 100.

Ed came to us in June for an exercise consultation to find out how to gain an extra edge in performance in preparation for the Marmotte, one of the oldest and most famous sportives in the world.

“I used one of the altitude machines for a month and I noticed a marked performance improvement as a result of running my turbo sessions using the altitude equipment. Next time round I’ll take the machine 3 months before the event. Thanks to Tara and everyone at the Altitude Centre.”

This month has also been a great success for our mountaineers. Flavia Alzetta took on Mount Blanc and was thrilled to inform us that she successfully summited.

Our very own performance specialists Georgia Upjohn and Sam Rees summited the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro in July. Sam saying that it was one of the best adventures of his life. Dawn Watts and the Curtis family are among some of the others who made it to Uhru peak at 5,895m. Here is what Dawn had to say when she popped in to see us after her trip:

“To put the record straight, it was quite simply amazing. Tough, yes; but if you do the right training, it’s incredible. My sessions at The Altitude Centre were the key to my successful trip. Not only did I pre-acclimatise, but the Performance Specialists helped me tailor my training to mimic what I’d experience on the mountain…”

It has also been a hugely successful month for our client Mo Farah. The double Olympic gold medallist has done it again taking double gold at the 2014 European championships in Zurich, winning the 10,000m and 5,000m race.

Team AC has had an extremely competitive few weeks and we congratulate all of our clients, some of whom may not have been mentioned here. For those of you who we have not seen since L’Etape or the Ride 100, we think a session back in the chamber is long over due! Keep up the hard work. #aimhightrainhigh

Below is a picture of Peter Kelsey, the first Brit to finish the Leadville 100 this year. Well done Peter!