Our April 2014 Client of the Month is Philip Karageorgevitch. Philip has been training with The Altitude Centre since February this year and is reaping in the benefits of training high.

Philip has always been active, getting involved in sports such as snowboarding and surfing from a young age. In the last few years he wanted a change and began competing in numerous half marathons and took part in his first marathon in 2010 in Athens.

‘From a young age I was always quite active and adventurous. I have been a keen snowboarder and surfer for many years. I also did a bit of scuba diving. Growing older I realised that my once youthful stamina was no more, so to keep up I joined a gym and disciplined myself by putting in the hours swimming, running, etc. And so this led me wanting to try new challenges, and here I am today having just completed my second marathon.’

Philip finished Athens marathon in 2010 in just over 4 hours 30 minutes. This year he ran a personal best in London, completing the marathon in 3 hours 52 minutes for Children with Cancer UK, taking a staggering 38 minutes off his time. Philip feels that his gruelling HIIT sessions in the chamber have really paid off.

‘From the very first class I noticed I was onto something special. Before, I thought I was pretty fit, but nothing prepared me for what was the shortest yet hardest interval session of my life. The Altitude Centre helped in many ways. From the beneficial and efficient conditions within the chamber, to the friendly and expert advice from all the team (Georgia, Tara and Alex). Also the high tech monitoring equipment is pretty cool.’

Philip was hoping that he would finish London Marathon under four hours and the amazing support from the people of London helped Philip stay focused all the way to the finish line.

‘The atmosphere was a big reminder as to why London is the greatest city in the world. Along the 26.2 mile route there was hardly ever a stretch that wasn’t lined with hundreds of people cheering you on. The carnival like atmosphere coupled with the scenic London backdrop was incredible. Why did I even bother making a playlist on my iphone? After 20 mins into the run, I took off my headphones for good to soak it all in. I had my name printed on my shirt and all I could hear was “C’mon Philip! You can do it!” And that’s what I needed, especially over the last five miles.’

Despite recovering from an injury, Philip wouldn’t give in to the roads of London and pushed through to the end: ‘I hit “the wall” pretty hard just before the 21 mile mark. It felt like someone had hitched a lift on my shoulders to the finish line. My injured right leg, which had behaved itself up until that point, decided to flirt with an ugly cramp. Slowing down only made it worse, so I had no choice but to power through the pain. I finally crossed the line in under 4hrs.’

Philip’s dedication and hard work has paid off allowing him to secure his marathon PB which the team here at The Altitude Centre are very proud of. We cannot wait to help him get ready for the Hackney Half Marathon in June where, again, he hopes to get another PB.

Keep up the hard work Philip!