Late into 2019 we completed our latest Altitude Training Camp and saw some great results.

But what did the clients have to say?

We caught up with a few of them to find out how they found their experience over the last 6-weeks!

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How did you find the quality of the training sessions?

1. Some of the treadmill sessions have been absolutely brutal. Some of it’s really difficult and I remember getting off the treadmill sometimes having zero left. It’s massively aided my training.

2. I have always enjoyed challenging myself physically and mentally and the altitude centre has allowed me to go to places I have never been before – and made me realise my potential away from rugby.

3. I enjoy training here very much. I find the fact that I can check my data live on the screen very motivating as well, almost as much as when the trainers encourage us!

The staff are fantastic, the facilities were great. It is a very relaxed place to exercise, and push yourself.


What was the part you enjoyed the most about training at The Altitude Centre?

1. I have the possibility to train more efficiently, and save time on my schedule, so I can improve my fitness without having to necessarily train longer, which reduces my risk of injury.

2. The team are lovely and provide the necessary motivation for the mid winter early morning sessions which can be pretty tough!

3. I get a lot of highs being at altitude. I feel so good when I leave.

I think mentally I am stronger, as I have more confidence in what I can achieve. That is not just in my running, but also in my day to day life. Most of the barriers we put up are in the mind, and this 6 weeks have shown that it is possible to remove the limits.

Have you noticed the increase in performance when training or racing away from The Altitude Centre?

1. Yes 100%. I am finding my running on the road easier now for sure.

2. I have really found the HIIT sessions to be excellent. My other sessions feel somewhat easier running at the same speeds as usual.

3. My recovery has improved dramatically, and while playing rugby I have been able to smash 80 minutes more efficiently, improving my overall game.

I can clearly see a conditioning improvement from training here. After the training camp, the level of perceived effort for the same run got far lower – it definitely feels easier. I’m keeping this place a secret!!