Newsletter mountain 4
Who are we?

Altitude Centre researcher Harvey Galvin and staff members from the sports science team at London South Bank University are conducting a novel study on resistance training while breathing simulated altitude air (hypoxia). We are looking for 15 participants that regularly use weight training as part of their exercise regime that want to learn more about their strength and try out procedures used by elite athletes.

What will you have to do?

You will attend 6 sessions in total:
One maximum strength testing session
Two bicep curl strength sessions
Three Leg extension strength sessions
All exercises will be completed connected by a mask to an altitude generator in which we will test different doses of hypoxia and the effect on muscle activity. Each training session will take a maximum of 3 hours in which you will train one limb at high intensity (75% of your maximum), and following a 1 hour rest period, the other limb at low intensity (30% of your maximum)

What will you gain?

Theory is that hypoxia accentuates strength and power gains by causing a bigger stress on the muscle.
A total of 5 sessions could enhance strength.

Maximum strength testing will allow us to analyse imbalances in arms and legs. Following the experiments we can give guidelines on how to address these and methods to further improve muscle growth.

Chance to be a part of world-leading research in which elite athletes currently utilise.
What should you do if you want to take part?

Email the researcher Harvey Galvin ([email protected]) or call him on 07930947004 to ask any questions and book in the first strength testing session in which we can undergo full protocol explanations.

It is first come first serve to book the 6 sessions starting 16th September 2014.