If you’d like help with setting goals for the New Year, our Consultations are the perfect way to maximise your results.

During an Exercise Consultation, one of our Performance Specialists will assess your cardiovascular fitness through a number of health checks, including blood pressure and lung function.

We’ll then take you through two fitness tests, one at sea level and the other at an altitude of 2700m, and work out an estimated VO2 max (at 96.3 per cent accuracy).

VO2 max indicates how efficiently your body utilises oxygen when training hard: More detail will be given during the Consultation, along with training suggestions on how to improve your VO2 max.

If you’re new to exercise, or trying to lose weight, a Health and Wellbeing Consultation will assesses your fitness and health (with low-intensity tests) and your Performance Specialist will be able to advice on a bespoke training regime to help you meet your goals.

If you’re travelling to altitude, talking through with us the challenges you’ll face, and how to ensure you climb safely and successfully in a Mountaineering Consultation. You can even break in your new hiking boots in the chamber.

In all Consultations, a full report is included, and your Performance Specialist will explain how to read the report and understand the figures and graphs.

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