Have you got your sights set on breaking those PBs this year? Whether you are looking for 5km, marathon, or ultra marathon PBs – altitude training can help take you to the next level.

Initial Assessment

As part of your 6-week altitude training camp, you will undergo a pre- and post-training heart rate max test at altitude, to draw a baseline measurement of your current performance, and track your progress.

The assessment involves working through a range of intensities in a RAMP test protocol until exhaustion, helping us to set your training zones, and get an idea of your current level of performance in the chamber.

Your initial consultation will form the basis to track your progress from, and help to quantify those performance gains!


Performance Training for Running

Altitude training is widely used within professional sport, and particularly running, in order to improve performance. The potential performance gains for the average runner however, are much greater.

During your 6-week training camp you will complete 15 x running sessions at a simulated altitude of 2700m above sea level. These sessions will form the basis of your training, helping you to improve your overall speed, speed endurance, power, strength, and endurance performance.


You will also complete 5 x IHE sessions on our high altitude POD, which simulates altitudes of up to 6400m above sea level. The IHE protocol is completely passive and is used by athletes during recovery days to take the load off your muscles, and during tapering periods to maintain the altitude benefits during a period when you are reducing the frequency and intensity of your runs.


With the POD, you’ll be able to rest your muscles whilst working on your ability to take up oxygen from the air that you breathe, making you a more oxygen efficient runner, while sitting down!

The Benefits

What sort of benefits can you expect?

Check out our recent Case Study results which show how our running group improved in all aspects of measurement. Plenty of performance improvements to be had in such a short period of time!

The case study results show exactly what we have been preaching, and the research is also supporting.

Altitude training gets results.

Book in your initial Consultation here and get yourself started!