So you have booked your first trip to altitude. You are off to Kilimanjaro, or Everest Base Camp, or you’re heading for Peru and Chile and your worried that you might suffer from altitude sickness when you get there.

What do you do?

You train your body to cope better at altitude, with the help of simulated altitude training and The Altitude Centre.

Initial Assessment

As part of our new 6-week training programme, you will undergo a Mountaineering Consultation to test your susceptibility to altitude sickness, your sensitivity to a range of altitudes (including 5000m+), and a general health check. We’ll also talk you through the do’s and dont’s of trekking up to 6,500m (including how to prepare for altitude, how to cope with altitude while you are there, and what to expect at altitude).

This will give you a really good baseline understanding of how your body reacts to the altitude, and provide a focus for your training moving forwards.


Training for High Altitude

Everyone can acclimatise to altitude, including you. Some individuals take a little longer than others, some take a little less time to acclimatise. But the bottom line is that everyone can acclimatise to high altitude.

In your 6-week programme, you will complete 10 x Exercise sessions at an altitude of 2700m above sea level, enabling you to gradually build your tolerance to exercise at altitude, all while improving your fitness levels to cope with the demands of the climb you have ahead.

You will also complete 10 x IHE sessions on our high altitude POD, which simulates altitudes of up to 6400m above sea level! The IHE protocol is one of the quickest ways to acclimatise to high altitude, and helps your body to tolerate low oxygen environments better, by improving your ability to take up oxygen from the air that you breathe.


You will also have the option of incorporating some additional exercise sessions at higher altitudes with one of our Performance Specialists in a 1-2-1 setting, literally taking your training to the next level.


The Benefits

What sort of benefits can you expect?

Check out our recent Case Study results here where our mountaineering group improved in all aspects of measurement, with the key results being a 49% improvement in altitude tolerance, and a 22% improvement in their exercise performance at altitude.

Book in your initial Mountaineering Consultation for the 6-week programme here and start your journey to the summit!