Everyone has different goals. Some are performance based, some just involve leading a healthier lifestyle, and feeling better in themselves.

Our 6-week altitude training camp can help you get to your “Everest”, whatever that may be.

Initial Assessment

As part of your 6-week altitude training camp, you will undergo a pre- and post-training assessment to draw baseline measurements and enable us to track your progress through the 6-week camp.

This includes (amongst others), your body composition, and your current exercise performance and nutritional requirements based on your own personal goals.

Your initial consultation will help identify the areas of focus for training, and also help you to understand your calorie requirements, taking into consideration your training, goals, and lifestyle.



Altitude training has a wide range of benefits for health and wellbeing, including increased fat metabolism, insulin sensitivity, and oxygen efficiency.

During your 6-week camp you will complete 10 x Exercise sessions at a simulated altitude of 2700m above sea level, 3 x Personal Training sessions, and 5 x IHE sessions on our high altitude POD to help you achieve your goals.

You will be guided towards the right sessions for you and your goals by one of our team of Performance Specialists, with the focus on you and your goals.


The Benefits

What sort of benefits can you expect?

Our recent Case Study results show how the groups improved in all aspects of measurement, including improvements in aerobic performance (running/cycling/walking), strength measurements, and body composition.

The case study results show exactly what we have been preaching, and the research is also supporting. Altitude training gets results.

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