It’s nearly the end of the year, Christmas is around the corner and you’re reducing your training volume accordingly. 2017 has taught us a lot, so it’s time to summarise the research we have drawn your attention to throughout the year, and what’s to come in 2018.

From mountaineering, health and sporting performance, we inform our training approach through research, and also inform research of what we apply that finds results. This year, it has been further realised that IHE is an excellent tool for improving metabolic health, it is possible to prevent over-training at altitude, and you can modify your diet at altitude to cope with the increased training demand altitude brings. In addition, an excellent guide for mountaineers wanting to summit a mountain successfully has been published, and all suggested points can be practiced and applied with us at The Altitude Centre through IHE and exercise. Something you may have considered or thought about is strength training at altitude, through our circuit classes. This year has really shown that completing these circuit sessions at altitude certainly gives you that added benefit, and is an important aspect for achieving your mountaineering, health and sporting performance goals. All in all, it’s been another great year for altitude research and there are many more projects to come next year.

Like what? I hear you say. Well, The Altitude Centre are currently in collaboration with London South Bank University to support our researcher’s, Liam Hobbins, PhD project. Next year will be a big year, with the findings of two studies involving obese and overweight populations completing IHE and exercise at altitude to be revealed, and a training study to be carried out here with us in Trump Street. If you’d like to hear more about this, or take part yourself, get in touch with us! In addition to this project, we are running case studies on our staff members to monitor their training in the chamber and how this improves their performance. Keep your eyes peeled for some data in the New Year!

So this brings us to the end. We hope you’ve achieved your goals whilst training with us, but now it’s time to prepare for 2018 (after a short indulgent period). We will leave you with this post, as we know you’ll be ready to train again come the 2nd January