Manchester City has been putting to good use the environmental chamber we built at the Etihad Campus. The simulated altitude, heat and humidity chamber officially opened a year ago, and in June this year, Vincent Kompany tweeted pictures of himself running in the chamber at 2,339m (approx. 15.7% oxygen) at nearly 36 degrees.

Our biggest athlete of the year – literally, at 1.98m – was heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua. Anthony started training with us in February, and this year has added the WBC International, Commonwealth and British championship belts to his glittering career of wins, alongside his gold medal from London 2012.

Since starting his training with us in January, Anthony has gone undefeated. Anthony’s hypoxic training has included a combination of HIIT sessions, 1-2-1 personal training with our performance specialists and using the POD on his rest days.

Hypoxic training has long been a staple ingredient of training for endurance athletes, but its efficacy for contact sports has not been widely researched. A study released earlier this year found that hypoxic training did help boxing performance, and looking at Anthony’s record, it’s clearly working for him!